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Offering a diverse array of comprehensive marine services to meet a broad spectrum of maritime needs.

Project Management

We offer Project Management services to help owners with the coordination of their projects. Efficiently managing construction projects is time consuming and if not executed correctly can result in unnecessary costs to the owner. Share your project goals with us and let us estimate, budget, schedule & coordinate all the moving parts needed to build it.

Conceptual Design & Drafting Services

We can help put your vision on paper. Providing conceptual design & drafting services for owners and contractors. Creating elevation & plan view drawings are essential to ensure project footprints are achievable and material take offs are accurate. Investing in working drawings for your project will ensure the builder of your choice understands exactly what your project entails. Our drafting services will save you time, money, and minimize mishaps with your project in the long run.

Dock Construction & Repair

From repairing your existing structure to building a brand new dock, we have the tools and resources needed to achieve the objective. Freeboard only uses the highest quality materials and installs them with industry standard means and methods. We build our products to last.

Seawall Construction & Repair

From rip rap embankments to seawalls, we can deliver the proper structure to protect your property. Our expertise allows us to deliver tailored solutions that ensure the effective safeguarding of your valuable property. With our dedication to quality and precision, you can trust us to implement the proper measures to enhance the protection of your property against environmental forces and potential risks.


Specializing in the demolition of docks, decks, and concrete removal, we prioritize minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Our dedicated team employs careful techniques to ensure that the process is executed with precision and environmental consciousness. Whether dismantling structures or removing concrete, we are committed to preserving the natural environment, emphasizing sustainability in every step of the way.

Boat Lift Installations

Share the specifics of your vessel with us, and we will tailor our services to select and install the most suitable lift for your boat, ensuring it stays high and dry. Our expertise lies in customizing solutions based on the unique characteristics of your vessel, guaranteeing optimal functionality and protection. Whether it's the size, weight, or specific requirements of your boat, we are dedicated to providing a personalized lift installation that meets your needs and ensures the safety and well-maintained condition of your watercraft.

Dune Walkover & Sand Fencing

Our beachside services include dune walkovers and sand fencing. Just like our docks, we build our dune walkovers to the highest standards so they can withstand significant weather events. Protecting and preserving the dune ecosystem influences how the walkover is designed and how we install it. We strive for minimal impacts to the surrounding area during construction.

Sand Fencing is a simple and effective way to help protect your property from the ocean. With little environmental influence, sand fencing is a tried-and-true method to rehabilitate beach dunes.

Vessel Recovery

Equipped with the necessary expertise, a skilled team, and advanced equipment, we stand ready to efficiently extract derelict vessels from our waterways. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass the entire process of removing abandoned or neglected boats, ensuring the restoration of waterways to their pristine condition. Whether dealing with challenging environmental conditions or varying vessel sizes, our dedicated team is well-prepared to execute the extraction with precision and effectiveness. Count on us to address the removal of derelict vessels, contributing to the enhancement of waterway safety and environmental integrity.

Dock Maintenance

We provide boat lift maintenance and dock cleaning services. We can come out for a single service as well as provide monthly maintenance memberships.

  • Inspect Boat Lift for Loose Hardware
  • Grease & Lubricate Boat Lift
  • Pressure Wash Dock
  • Inspect Topside of Dock for Deficiencies (i.e. raised deck board screws, loose cleats, etc.)